What is the scent in baby oil?

What does Johnson’s baby oil smell like?

The ultimate in baby freshness, the fragrance in our baby creamy oil with Aloe & Vitamin E combines juicy mandarin and crisp cucumber with a petally soft heart of rose and lily of the valley, while hints of sweet melon and sheer sandalwood linger in the base for a fragrance baby is sure to love.

Which baby oil smells best?

However, if you enjoy the classic scent of Burt’s Bees, this product might meet your needs and budget. The Burt’s Bees Baby Oil performs well and is best for scent lovers as it has a more potent trademark aroma known to this company.

Is Johnsons baby oil safe?

Baby oil is formulated to be hypoallergenic and is free of parabens, phthalates, and dyes. This means it’s safe for most people to put on their skin without fear of allergic reaction.

Is Johnsons baby oil perfumed?

Clinically Proven Mildness®. Developed for sensitive & newborn skin. Fragrance free.

Which oil is best for newborn baby?

These Massage Oils For Babies Will Give Them A Natural Boost

  1. Himalaya Baby Massage Oil. …
  2. Mamaearth Soothing Baby Massage Oil. …
  3. Forest Essentials Baby Massage Oil. …
  4. Chicco Baby Massage Oil. …
  5. Johnson’s Baby Oil. …
  6. Dabur Baby Massage Oil. …
  7. Mystiq Living Natural Baby Massage Oil. …
  8. Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil.
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What can I use if I dont have baby oil?

Baby oil: Most commercial baby oils contain mineral oil, which can be irritating to delicate skin. For a greener alternative, use natural one ingredient swaps to moisturize your baby’s skin. Organic coconut oil and organic cold pressed olive oil are two great baby oil alternatives.

Can you spray baby oil?

LPT: put baby oil in a spray bottle and spray yourself before a shower to lock in moisture and make skin extra soft.

Can you add scent to baby oil?

Re: perfume+baby oil

You can also mix it with perfume as Udaria suggests. But my favourite has to be scented monoi oil. Vanilla scented for vanilla based fragrances, jasmine scented for jasmine frags, sandalwood for sandalwood…