What does a red hat on a baby mean?

Red hats are for babies who are more at risk, maybe because of infection, who may need more regular neonatal observations by a nurse or midwife. Amber hats are for babies who may require a little more attention because they were born premature or a low birth weight.

Why do babies wear red hats?

The red hats will be given to babies who require closer observation than usual, perhaps because they have a complication like a respiratory condition, jaundice or low blood glucose levels.

What are traffic light hats for babies?

The hats meanings show the level of risk of each baby, red meaning a child requiring more observation, amber for those who may require a little more attention because they were born prematurely or low birth weight, and green meaning routine inspection.

Does the hospital give you a baby hat?

Hat. Newborns lose a lot of body heat through the tops of their heads, so your hospital will likely provide one for baby. Don’t forget to pack it (or have baby wear it home).

What does orange baby hat mean?

The hat helps our medical teams easily identify the babies who need extra care. This means that they get timely observations, blood sugar tests and extra support to establish feeding so that mothers and babies can stay together.

What are newborn hospital hats made of?

Infanteenie Beenies are made of super soft medical grade newborn hospital hat material allowing parents to keep the traditional newborn nursery look, with added style for their newest addition.

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What are bonding squares?

Bonding Squares are small squares knitted in pairs. One square is placed with a premature or sick neonate and the second square is worn against the mum’s skin, usually in her bra. The mother swaps the squares every 12 hours or every time mum visits.