Question: Can you use a baby thermometer for adults?

Although most baby thermometers can be used on adults, too, a standard “adult” thermometer may not be as easy to use with children. A baby thermometer, which is specially designed for children, may have special features like a flexible tip and a smaller size.

Can you use Braun baby thermometer on adults?

Used by more pediatricians’ offices than any other thermometer brand, the ThermoScan 5 features a pre-warmed tip that improves accuracy, a unique guidance system that ensures precise results, and infrared technology that takes your child’s temperature in seconds. Great for baby, toddlers or adults – entire family.

What is the best non-contact thermometer for adults?

The Best Non-Contact Thermometers to Get a Quick, Accurate…

  • Best Overall. iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer. …
  • For Family Use. iProven NCT-978. …
  • Smart. Withings Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer. …
  • Budget. Vibeey Infrared Digital Thermometer. …
  • For Small Businesses. Gekka Wall-Mounted Infrared Forehead Thermometer.

What is the most accurate way to take a baby’s temperature?

Rectal or forehead temps are accurate. An ear thermometer can be used after 6 months old. An armpit temp is good for screening if it is taken right. Digital (electronic) thermometers are easily found in stores.

Are forehead thermometers accurate for newborns?

Reason: If young babies have a fever, they need to see a doctor now. New research shows that forehead temps may also be accurate under 3 months of age. Age 3 months to 4 years old. Rectal or forehead temps are accurate.

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Can you use a thermometer without a cover?

If you do not have a cover, clean the pointed end (probe) with soap and warm water or rubbing alcohol. Rinse it with cool water. With your mouth open, put the covered tip under your tongue. … Keep the thermometer under your tongue until the digital thermometer beeps.

Are Braun thermometers accurate?

Temperature can be taken in the ear, mouth, bottom, under the arm or on the forehead. Each method is considered accurate when done correctly. … Not only this, but a recent study concluded that, when used in newborns; Braun ThermoScan® 7 offers the same accuracy as the study’s comparative rectal measurement readings.