How do I claim Universal Credit for pregnancy?

You must provide evidence of the pregnancy and the due date by providing a MATB1 from your GP, hospital or midwife. You can get a MATB1 when you are 20 weeks pregnant so you shouldn’t report it before then. However, if you have a health condition at any point in your pregnancy, you will need to tell Universal Credit.

Can you claim Universal Credit when pregnant?

You now have to make a new claim for Universal Credit instead of Income Support. If you don’t qualify for Maternity Allowance or Statutory Maternity Pay, are unemployed and can’t look for work, or on a low income, you might be able to claim Universal Credit while you’re pregnant.

How much is Universal Credit pregnancy?

You could get either: £151.97 a week or 90% of your average weekly earnings (whichever is less) for 39 weeks. from £27 to £151.97 a week for 39 weeks – how much you get increases with each Class 2 National Insurance contribution you make. £27 a week for 14 weeks.

What benefits can I claim if I’m pregnant?

Benefits if you’re pregnant

  • Free prescriptions and dental care. All prescriptions and NHS dental treatment are free while you’re pregnant and for 12 months after your baby’s due date. …
  • Healthy Start. …
  • Tax credits. …
  • Statutory Maternity Pay. …
  • Maternity Allowance. …
  • Statutory Paternity Pay. …
  • Statutory Adoption Pay.
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When should I apply for Universal Credit for pregnancy?

If you are pregnant you must report this by contacting Universal Credit when your pregnancy reaches 20 weeks. Either you or your partner can do this if you are both part of the same Universal Credit claim.

When can you claim Universal Credit when pregnant?

Otherwise you may be eligible for Universal Credit depending on your family income. You are automatically treated as having ‘limited capability for work’ because of pregnancy from six weeks before the baby’s due date to two weeks after the baby is born.

Can I be a stay at home mum and claim Universal Credit?

Under Universal Credit you cannot be sanctioned for leaving a job if, at the time of leaving the job, you were the responsible carer for a child aged under 3.