Best answer: How do you protect a teething baby’s crib?

Are crib teething guards safe?

Crib rail guards: Protect your baby’s gums

Rather than protecting against bumps and bruises, rail guards protect your teething baby’s gums from the paint, wood or other materials the crib is made of. … Snaps are safe, but if your crib has curved or thick rails, they can be tough to keep secured.

How do you cover a bite mark on a crib?

If the teeth marks cannot be raised through steaming, try filling the holes. Rub a wax stick over the dents to fill them, or use a putty knife to apply a wood filler. Apply the filler evenly to make it as smooth as possible.

What is a crib teething rail?

Purchasing a Munch Teething Rail for your cot helps to protect your baby’s teeth & health. … With a soft, rubbery feel OUR RAILS are designed to be chewed to help relieve teething, whilst also protecting your nursery furniture.

What can I use instead of crib bumper?

Alternatives to Crib Bumpers

  • Mesh Crib Liner. When it comes to crib bumper alternatives, mesh crib liners are often the most popular choice. …
  • Vertical Crib Liners. …
  • Braided Crib Bumpers. …
  • Crib Rail Covers. …
  • Baby Sleeping Bags.

Do I need a crib rail cover?

If you own a crib made of wood, the crib rail cover is even more important because it protects your baby from potential splinters if he/she were to gnaw on it with sensitive gums. In addition to protecting your precious new baby, you also want to protect your crib!

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How do you fix a chewed crib?

Go to your local Home Depot or Lowes and check out the wood putty section. There’s directions on the back of all those packages on how to use the stuff; but it really is quite simple: put some of the putty or filler on the hole/indentation, let it dry, sand it down, paint or stain over it and voila!

How do you fix bite marks on wood?

Lightly sand the surface of the bite mark area with a fine sandpaper such as 220 grit. Wipe the area with a damp rag to remove dust and let it dry. Fill the holes in with wood putty and let it dry. Sand the surface to even it out with the rest of the wood once it is dry.

What makes a crib safe?

There should be: A firm, tight-fitting mattress so a baby cannot get trapped between the mattress and the crib. … No more than 2 3/8 inches (about the width of a soda can) between crib slats so a baby’s body cannot fit through the slats; no missing or cracked slats.