Can you store baby clothes in attic?

Just place them on top of tissue paper or in a satchel and not directly on the clothes. For best results storing baby clothes, make sure you keep them in a dry, cool, humidity-controlled environment. This means you want to avoid attics, garages, and basements. The ideal spot is under a bed or in a closet.

How do you store clothes in the attic long term?

If you have a suitably temperate attic to store clothes in, select your storage bins carefully. Never store clothes in cardboard for long periods of time—cardboard can damage delicate fabrics, and it’s a big draw for any pests that might be around. Instead, find a set of clear plastic bins to use instead.

What’s the best way to store clothes in an attic?

Remember, the key to correctly store clothes in your attic is wrapping every clothing item individually in plastic and protect it from moisture. Additionally, you must make use of a storage trunk to protect the clothes from bugs and direct sunlight.

What should not be stored in an attic?

7 Things You Should Never Store in Your Basement or Attic

  • Delicate fabrics. …
  • Furniture and décor made from natural materials. …
  • Important papers. …
  • Food (unless you store it carefully) …
  • Electronics. …
  • Candles. …
  • Anything flammable (near heat sources)
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When should I move up a size in baby clothes?

In addition to having a few NB pieces set aside before baby’s birth, as a general rule of thumb, it’s always smart to size up when you don’t know baby’s exact size. For instance, when buying clothes for a 3-month-old, opt for the 3-6 month (or larger) size range instead of the 0-3 month range.

Should you store clothes in plastic bags?

Properly Hang Items

And make sure the clothing has enough room for air circulation. This will lower the risk of mildew and mold, as well as prevent the clothing from creasing during storage. Storing clothes in plastic bags is not recommended, as the bags don’t breathe enough.

What is the best material for garment bags?

Muslin – Muslin is the traditional material used in garment storage bags. In order to properly protect your garment, the fabric must be unbleached; bleaches used in some commercial muslin can affect your garment over time. The muslin must also be 100% cotton fiber in order to provide the best protection.

Do clothes get moldy in storage?

This is crucial to maintaining the longevity of all the clothes you are storing. Unwashed clothing can produce, mold, mildew, and begin to smell if left long term. Even if your clothes don’t look or smell dirty, they may reveal stains over time.

Will clothes mildew in attic?

Attic Moisture

Moisture in the attic can be caused from insufficient attic insulation. Moisture vapor then settles into fabrics, thus promoting the growth of mold and mildew. Whether it’s clothes or furniture, mildew will destroy your items, forcing you to toss them out.

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Can you store toilet paper in the attic?

But cardboard boxes are not as ideal for storing items as you might think at first for a variety of reasons. It’s susceptible to moisture.

✅ toilet paper (a perfect match since it’s bulky) ✅ soap, floss and other personal care products
✅ blankets, tarps, tents ✅ sheets
✅ gardening tools ✅ wood